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Tracking Basket Events

When tracking basket events every single change of the basket must be tracked. It is important to include all the places that the user can change the content of the basket, for instance:

  • When adding a product from a product list
  • When removing a product from a product list
  • When adding a product from the product page
  • When removing from the "onsite" mini-basket
  • When clearing the basket on the basket page
  • When decreasing the number of items
  • When removing a product from the basket

At every of these events, a "basket" event must be fired, with a comma separated list of product id's in the "basketcontent" column 


Example: Keeping track of the basket content 

In the following example, we have made the assumption that eventtype is in position 1 and basketcontent is in position 10. Please refer to your customer tracking documentation in the Raptor controlpanel to obtain the exact positions of the parameters

Product 12345 is added to an empty basket:



2 more products are added to the basket:



Product 456 is removed from the basket:



The basket is cleared: 




Is the "basket" event supposed to be fired when the basket page is loaded or visited?

No. The products must be tracked whenever they ar added or removed from the basket, not when the basket page is opened. 


Should I track the same product twice in "basketcontent", if the user has put 2 of the same items in the basket?

No. Just 1 tracking pr product.


Is the order of products in "basketcontent" important?

No. It has no influence on the system.


I have comma's in my product id's. What should I do?

Choose another seperator, and inform Raptor Support


We have a Basket Id. When should that be tracked?

Please include basket id in all trackings, on the position assigned to the basket id in the tracking script.

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