Tracking Without Javascript

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In some situations - such as operating on a server, or apps designed for iOS or Android - Javascript Tracking may not be feasible. Instead, calling our tracking-service directly can be the easiest solution

In order to track an event, it is simply a matter of making a GET request to an URL, sending all the necessary tracking parameters in the URL. The URL has the following format:[customerid].rsa?p1=[p1]&p2=[p2]....&p999=[p999]&coid=[cookieId]&ruid=[base64UserId]&sid=[sessionId]

Note that the URL above has been shortened for readability purposes.


Parameter Explanation

Parameters p1-p999 These parameters contain data from the website (ie, eventtype, productid, categoryid, etc) The parameters can differ from customer to customer, and you can find the exact list of parameters available to you in the Raptor Control Panel, listed under Implement Tracking in the Integrations-menu.
coid Cookie ID. A GUID, which is unique per user. Must be sent at every page request. This ID is important for the personalization modules in Raptor. 
sid Session ID. A GUID, which is unique per session. Must be sent at every page request. This ID is important for the performance measuring KPI's in Raptor.
ruid A base64 encoded userID (for instance, the email address). This ID is sent when available.


NB: All Parameters must be URL encoded.

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