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Our newest package provides even more options for our customers to improve their sales and reach out to new and regular customers with better opportunities. This package allows you to target customers through web banners which feature Raptor recommendations. 


In the following sections we will show you how to set up and work with Raptor Web Advisor.


Our Step by Step Guide explains how to set up our scripts. Within this guide, pay special attention to any boxes highlighted in red. These include tips for implementing Raptor, and they discuss common errors that are made. Please, double check your script each time you reach one of these sections and compare with the examples that are included to make sure everything is in order.


A Troubleshooting section is also available. If you run into any trouble while setting up the scripts, click on the link, and you will reach a section that offers solutions to some of the most common problems customers face when trying to implement Raptor correctly. You can also check the Community section to see if someone else has previously posted a similar question there and received an answer from our support team.


Finally, a FAQ section and a link to Customer Service is included as well. 


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