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For some of our services, we need to import a data feed from your backend. All we need from you is an URL to the feed or an FTP site containing the file. We will take care of scheduling an import in our backend.

We have a very flexible importer service that can map almost any file to our backend databases, but integration will progress more easily and quickly if the feed matches the following standards as closely as possible.

Feed Formats

We support XML, CSV and JSON.

If you already have a feed, please contact us at support@raptorsmartadvisor.com. We can check to see if we are able to map your format, or we can import the feed as it is. If there are any problems with the feed, we will contact your technical team with advice about how to change the feed so that we can import it.

What data do we need from you?

When importing product catalogs, we need all the data that is necessary to display a product.

The most common information we need included in the feed is the following:

  • ProductId
  • ProductName
  • ProductUrl
  • ProductImageUrl
  • CategoryId
  • CategoryName
  • BrandName
  • Description
  • OriginalPrice
  • Price
  • Instock (typically true/false, yes/no, or an integer with number of items)
  • DeliveryTime
Please, make sure the product ID included in the product feed matches with the product IDs that are tracked by our system. Compare the information in Last 100 Trackings in our Control Panel to make sure they are the same. Methods that use the product feed will not work if these ids do not match.

An example of what we would be looking for is shown below in XML format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

If you would like to have feeds in different languages imported, please remember to set up individual feeds for each language. We are able to import feeds for multiple languages to a single account as well as merge them if that is required by a customer.

It is also important to remember that if you change your product feed, you should notify Raptor, so we make sure our configurations continue to import the feed, successfully.

We hope this article provided answers to your questions about product feeds. Check out our forums for more useful knowledge, or contact us at support@raptorsmartadvisor.com. Our team will respond as quickly as possible.

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