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Once you are finished implementing all of the scripts on the website, simply enter the Control Panel on the Raptor website. Go to Tracking Scripts and then go to the link titled Last Trackings. If everything is working properly there should be a record of visits to the website.

Once up and running properly, this section will give you the opportunity to check a real-time feed of the incoming data from your website. Please verify that all the data looks right and that the parameters are appearing with the correct names and in the correct positions. If you are in doubt about what the correct order should be, check the Parameter List included in Step 1 to see how it should look.

Please, remember to check incoming data for the following common mistakes:

       - Missing event types

       - Missing category data

       - Sparse data

       - Missing parameters

When everything looks fine, please notify our support that tracking has started. We will verify the data and start the recommendation engine. If you have any questions about the data, or any trouble with implementation that is not included in the FAQ section, please contact our support at:

The best way to see whether tracking is working properly on your website is to go into the Control Panel on the Raptor website. There, you will find a section called "Tracking Scripts". Within this section, we have included a link to the last 100 trackings of your website. If tracking is working correctly on your website, you will see a listing of all the parameters that have been included and details registered below these parameters.

An example of what to look for if the tracking scripts are incorrectly placed on the website would be an absence of information under the parameter "EventType". If your website is a retail online store, but the listings under "EventType" do not seem to have listings of "visit", "basket", and "buy", there might be something wrong with tracking scripts on the website. 

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