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Raptor CDP integrates with Heyloyalty to enrich members with Audience and Calculated Attribute infomation to do further selection in filters and segmentation.

The Heyloyalty activation realtime updates Heyloyalty members when a person enters/leave an Audience or when an Calculate Attribute changes value in Raptor CDP.  

How it works

In Heyloyalty fields are created named after an Audience or a Calculated Attribute.

Below an example of an audience named "Frequent buyers" that is synced to Heyloyalty. When a member is part of audience "Frequent buyers" will have value "ja" in that field.



1. Create API key and API secret in Heyloyalty

An apikey and api secret is needed to sync data to Heyloyalty.

You can request your key and secret from Heyloyalty. Please follow the help center article

2. Create Activation 

2.a Fillin General infomation. 


2.b Fillin Heyloyalty infomation.

Use the apikey and api secret created earlier.

Supply  an email address where errors from Heyloyalty is forwarded to.

Supply a listid from a list i Heyloyalty. Find the listId by editing a list in Heyloyalty and finding the id from the url in the browser.
The url "https://app.heyloyalty.com/lists/12624/edit?show=active" has listid = 12624


2.c Select Audiences or Calculated Attributes

2.d Save the Activation

Now data from Rapor CDP is synced to Heyloyalty. This process may take some time depending on how many persons there are in an audience.




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