How to set up a Merchandising Campaign

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Merchandising Center

E-commerce visual merchandising is a practice of displaying products to attract your customers’ attention, highlight products, and maximize your sales.

Raptor’s Merchandising Center adds campaign tools to personalize and manage active sales campaigns. This enables detailed control of which products should take precedence in specific modules, increasing product exposure just where you want it.


How it works

Using the Merchandising Center requires existing usage of at least one of the Raptor Advisors  (Web, Email, Ad or Search). 

The Merchandising Center utilizes your recommendation modules as advertising space on the channel of your choice and lets you put specific items right in the customer’s line of sight, combining customer relevance and campaign promotion. Make brand specific campaigns or advertise specific items you want to move from your stock. Sell top spots to suppliers or prioritize high-margin products by boosting them to the top spots.

The Merchandising Center automatically tracks the campaign performance to let you know what resonates with your customers.


Set up

Step 1: Schedule campaign

Name your campaign and specify the campaign time period. Choose a specific period (not todays date) or start the campaign immediately. Both options can be with or without an end date.




Select the checkbox ‘Target CDP audience’ if you wish to attach an audience to your campaign. By targeting a CDP Audience you are able to reach specific visitors and/or customers with your campaign.

To enable Audiences in your campaign, it is necessary to attach an Audience to an Activation. This can be done by going to the Activation tab in the CDP (Customer Data Platform) followed by creating a new Activation or selecting an existing one. The Activation set up allows you to add an Audience to the Activation.


Step 2: Reach people where they are


Choose the channels through which you would like to target visitors and customers. Note that you can only select a channel when it is activated. It is possible to select multiple channels.



Step 3: Select modules


Choose the modules that you want to boost your products in. Note that a module can only be active in one campaign at a time. If you wish to use a module that is already in use, you can manually stop the campaign from running at the top of the page.



Step 4: Product search


Find and add products you want to boost in your campaign. Use the standard search options and select products by searching for a product Id, name or category. There is also an option for advanced searching and building fluid product selections by defining more detailed parameters.



Step 5: Choose boosting level


Choose the Boosting level to define how much attention your chosen products will get in the defined modules.





Step 6: Summary


The last step provides you with a complete overview of all your choices during the process of creating your merchandising campaign.



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