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About Activation

Activations will synchronise Customer Data Platform data to a third party system. Consider the CDP as an engine for automated flows that make up the primary communication with customers in every life cycle and at every touchpoint. When an Audience is specified, it is Activated on different communication channels, such as email, display banners, and SMS. Marketers can define what happens to the individual segments/Audiences in the different flows.

Activation set up

General information

  1. Start by giving the Activation a name
  2. Write a short short description about what the activation includes. This will give you and others a better understanding of the Activation.
  3. Select the Person Identifier that you wish to use.

Add Audience

  1. Click ’edit’ in the top right corner of the ’Add audiences’ area.
  2. Choose ’Select audiences’.
  3. Use the search bar or scroll through your existing Audiences and select one or multiple Audiences.
  4. Click ’apply’ when the desired Audiences are selected.
  5. Lastly, click ’save ’ to save your changes. Note that for technical reasons, the activation will be locked for 5 minutes before it starts running.

Do you wish to add the Audience to a Merchandising Center Campaign?

  1. Go to Merchandising Center in the Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  2. Choose an existing Recommendation Activation or create a new Activation.
  3. In step one of creating a Campaign (Schedule), select the ’Target CDP Audiences’ checkbox
  4. Click ’next’ and go to ’Activation’ in the CDP.
  5. Follow the 5 steps above to add an Audience to the Activation
  6. After adding an Audience to the Activation, return to the Merchandising Center Campaign and refresh the Audience list.
  7. Select the desired Audience(s) and continue the Campaign set up.
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