Introduction to Ad Advisor

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Introduction to Ad Advisor 

The Ad Advisor consists of two core products: Personalisation for Banners and Catalogue enhancement.  


Personalization for Banners 

Personalization for banners makes qualified selections of which, when, and how often products will be shown in your advertising based on your collected website data. This lets you optimize sales, improve product selection, and increase conversion rates through your paid advertising. 

It is used to present recommendations in your online display banners based on your website data. The recommendations are supplied in real-time via an API. The use of Personalization for Banners requires access to a Demand Side Platform for the purchase of banner ad exposure either directly or through a partner. In this regard, Raptor collaborates with numerous partners who can provide this service.    

Personalization for banners is ideal for both branding, prospecting and remarketing purposes. We strongly encourage you to personalize both content and products in the banners.  


Catalogue enhancement 

Catalog Enhancement can optimize product and content recommendations on media buying through e.g. Google Ads and Facebook. The solution enables you to pick out products based on your own customer data in an automated way. By including images or text your customers are nudged to take a closer look at your paid ads. Examples could be to provide information on availability, popularity, or adding quality stamps like: “bestseller” or “we recommend”. Effectively adding value to your online marketing efforts. 

Optimize your online marketing feeds on SoMe platforms, like Facebook, or Google Ads. Raptor Catalogue Enhancement provides product and content recommendations from a wide range of predefined modules. Depending on your buying strategy or solution we ensure that you promote the most popular products, the products with the highest ROAS or the products with the highest profit. Hereby you can maximize the effect of your paid ads with personalized recommendations that are specifically targeted to your customers’ unique taste and shopping history.   

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