Offline Event Tracking (POS data)

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It is possible to stream offline events, often seen as POS data, into the Raptor Recommendation engine and CDP. The time-frequency and number of parameters sent are unlimited. This documentation focuses on the POS transaction, but it could also be other events, such as newsletter sign-up, reservations etc.

Minimum requirements for streaming POS data 

  • OrderId
  • ProductId

Each order line is streamed independently and the “OrderId” is what makes the order lines correlate to one another. If you are tracking website transactions it is important that the “ProductIds” are the same both online and offline.   

Each event must be sent to our Tracking Api as a GET request. 

Most commonly used parameters are:

P1: EventType (“buy”) 

P2: {ProductId}

P21: {OrderId}

RUID: {Email}

The URL is generic and takes parameters from 1 to 999 (and some specialized). You can find a list of all your customer-specific parameters in the controlpanel.



Example of a POS buy-tracking incl. parameters with {Placeholders}:{RaptorCustomerId}.stream?p1=buy&p2={productid}&p21={orderid}&ruid={email}&source=webhook  


Actual example of a POS buy-tracking incl. arameters where placeholders are filled out. 


Other useful parameters can be found in your Raptor account. See under “Integrations - > Live tracking”. 
Remember to URL Encode values to avoid issues with special characters.   



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