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Personalization for Banners offers you one of our most advanced recommendation modules. Use it in display banner campaigns to optimize sales, improve product selection, and increase conversion rates. Generic banners quickly ruin personalization opportunities. Raptor’s algorithm serves your customers 1:1 personalized and dynamic display ads, increasing the likelihood of someone clicking and eventually converting after engaging with your ad. 


Personalization for Banners is used to present recommendations in your online display banners based on your website data. The recommendations are supplied in real-time via an API. The use of Personalization for Banners requires access to a Demand Side Platform for the purchase of banner ad exposure either directly or through a partner. In this regard, Raptor collaborates with numerous partners who can provide this service. 


Prerequisites for the AdAdvisor:  

  • Implementation of tracking script  
  • Import of ProductFeed (Product Catalogue Feed) 


How does it work?  
Raptor provides a URL with which you can call Raptor’s Recommendation API from the HTML-banner. The API will return the product information you need to display the product recommendations in the banner.  



You can find all the mandatory and optional input parameters in the Controlpanel.  

The API call above will output a list of Products sorted by a priority:  



    "RecommendedId": "1234", 

    "ProductName": "Name of first product", 

    "ProductUrl": "", 

    "ImageUrl": "https://www.ImageURLofFirstProduct.jpg", 

    "Discount": 300,00, 

    "Priority": "1", 

    "OriginalPrice": "1.200,00", 

    "OnSalePrice": "900,00" 



    "RecommendedId": "5678", 

    "ProductName": "Name of second product", 

    "ProductUrl": "", 

    "ImageUrl": "https://www.ImageURLofSecondProduct.jpg", 

    "Discount": 400,00, 

    "Priority": "2", 

    "OriginalPrice": "1.200,00", 

    "OnSalePrice": "800,00" 







    "RecommendedId": "91011", 

    "ProductName": "Name of tenth product", 

    "ProductUrl": "", 

    "ImageUrl": "https://www.ImageURLofTenthProduct.jpg", 


    "Priority": "10", 

    "OriginalPrice": "1.200,00", 

    "OnSalePrice": "1.200,00" 

  } ] 


The output can be delivered in either XML or JSON. Additional product information can be added to the output.  


How are the product recommendations changing dynamically?  

The call to our API either (a) utilizes a UserId sent as a Parameter in the URL or (b) automatically fetches the server cookie of the user to look-up the history as the request is made to the API. This means that you can utilize one URL across the different users without any dynamic variables.  


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