Historical Event Tracking

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It is possible to upload historical events, often seen as historical sales data into the Raptor Recommendations engine and CDP. This documentation focus on the sales transaction, but it could also be other events, such as newsletter sign-up, reservations and other behavioral events.  

Below you will find the minimum requirements highlighted for uploading historical data based on sales. Additional parameters that we often see imported are listed below:


  • OrderId  
  • ProductId  


  • UserId / Email 
  • Subtotal 
  • Quantity 
  • Currency 

Each order line is streamed in independently and the “OrderId” is what correlates the order lines to one another. If you are tracking website transactions, it is importing that the “ProductIds” are the same both online and offline.

For uploading historical data, please make the data accessible through a webservice or on an FTP/SFTP. If you do not have access to an FTP/SFTP, Raptor support team will make one available for you. The preferred file format is either csv, xml or json.  

Please send the data or server access to your Raptor consultant in our Professional Service team or to ps@raptor.dk. Then we will ensure that your data is streamed in correctly. 

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