Introduction to Raptor Customer Data Platform

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Raptors Customer Data Platform (CDP) lets you know and understand your customers on an individual level. All information about your customers feeds into the platform from any of your channels and customer touchpoints, e.g.:

  • CRM  
  • Website Tracking
  • App Tracking 
  • Email Marketing Platform 
  • Advertising System 
  • SMS 
  • POS Systems 
  • Social Media 
  • Call Center
  • ... 

Consequently, your Raptor CDP stores, connects, unifies, and activates customer data making it possible to create a 360-degree overview of your customer base. 


Raptor CDP solves one of the hardest challenges facing businesses today: To unify customer data across your organization, including known user data, to deliver truly consistent customer experiences across all channels. The platform is channel agnostic and hands you the tool to target your audiences at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message. Raptor CDP allows you to create audiences based on ingested data and always communicate highly relevant messages, content, and products.  

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