Introduction to Merchandising Center

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With our merchandising center you can manage and control which product recommendations to show in the Raptor modules in all channels - without compromising on relevance of the recommendation.  


The purpose is to give clients the opportunity to take control of boosting specific products in the Raptor recommendation modules and thereby increase the effect, number of clicks and value of each specific campaign. The Merchandising Center can be integrated into all Raptor advisors including the Web Advisor, Email Advisor, Search Advisor and Ad advisor and in all modules in each channel. It is also possible to have a running campaign in various modules at a time, but one campaign can run in each module at a time to avoid conflicting campaigns in the same module. 


We will always show something in the context of the product and customer. You almost always have a product candidate set containing 50 to 100 products, where Raptors algorithm know the relevance of each product in the module. 


There are several strategies to follow when creating a campaign:   

  • To set up supplier sponsored campaigns. You can use the merchandising center to run supplier sponsored campaigns, where you can boost products from specific suppliers. You can either boost the products in the existing recommendation modules, or you can have specific modules on the website or in an email for the individual supplier, where you can exposure their products.  
  • When you want to boost products with a high profit margin. If you have products with a higher profit margin, you can choose to boost these products in various modules. To use this strategy, you should indicate the profit margin for each product in the product feed - either as the actual Profit Margin or as a classification such as A, B, C. 
  • Boosting products to sell out surplus stock, to minimize the risk of depreciating the products in stock. You can simply choose to boost these products for them to be shown more frequently in the recommendation modules on the website. 
  • Other strategies to use is to boost on sale products, seasonal products or you can also choose top in category or top in brand. 





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