Introduction to Search Personalization

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Create the best possible search experience with high convenience for your customers. Raptor Search Personalization offers personalized search recommendations delivered in real-time, which allows us to sort your products according to personal relevance, popularity, most selling, etc. This convenience makes it easier for your customer to find the right products – and hereby optimizes sales and conversion rates and significantly enhances the user experience on your website. With Search Personalization you get the best of two worlds – an individual, personalized search combined with the benefits of the semantic search. 


Raptor Search Personalization creates relevant and personalized search by re-ranking your customers’ search results based on their previous purchases, certain affinities, price level, and current online behavior - all done in milliseconds. Search Personalization is also easy to implement and integrates with all search engines. Raptor Search Personalization is therefore relevant for your business if you want to create an overview of a large range of products or, simply, if you want to provide the best, personalized experiences for each customer. 



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