Introduction to Raptor Control Panel

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In the Raptor Control Panel you can get insights into your Raptor solution by navigating the dashboards. 

The first page you enter in the control panel is an account summary of the past 60 days. Here, you can see some of the main KPIs and metrics of your combined solution. The account summary is great for getting a quick overview of your current Raptor setup.   


If you want an expanded performance overview, you can navigate to Recommendation. Here, you will find the same KPIs as in the account summary, however, as you can see, there are also additional metrics and KPIs available. This page allows you to choose which period you want to see: the last 60, 30 or 7 days, or a customized period of time.    


All statistics are divided into Raptor and Non-Raptor to show you how you benefit from your solution. Raptor statistics means when a product has been clicked or bought with Raptor involved, and Non-raptor statistics means when Raptor has not been involved in the click or purchase.

One of the most important metrics among our clients is Average Revenue Per Visit. This is calculated by multiplying the Conversion Rate with the Average Order Value. It then shows you the revenue visitors generate when they interact with a Raptor recommendation compared to when they don’t.

You can choose which period you want to see, depending on how detailed numbers you want – you can show months, weeks, or even days. You can also change how you want your data presented by changing the chart type.

You can see specific metrics for each of the Raptors products you have implemented. The first presented product is Raptor Web Advisor, where you can see these specific metrics. For each metric, you can choose the period and chart type and you can also see the performance of each module in your solution. This also applies to Email Advisor, Behavioral Triggers, Ad and Search Advisor.

By clicking the button in the upper right corner, you can extract Raptor Data from the reporting API. You can extract and insert the data into any preferred dashboard tool.

This was a short introduction to the Recommendation Dashboard. Now you hopefully feel more equipped to stay updated with the performance of your Raptor solution.

If you have any further questions to your control panel please contact Furthermore, feel free to reach out to your specific raptor contact for a deep dive in your solution.


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