Introduction to Raptor

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Raptor is an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider working with premium personalization. We support some of the most ambitious brands in empowering relevance across all channels.   

Based on user behavior on websites, we identify personal preferences, orientation, and consumption. Through tracking, we get to understand the correlations between products and identify behavioural patterns for individual users. Depending on where in the conversion funnel the interaction takes place, these data points fuel our algorithms and return with recommended products. The overall goal is to inspire, upsell, cross-sell and drive loyalty and repurchases.

Popularly speaking, personalization takes the role of a salesman – but online, by helping customers find the products that match their needs.   

When gathering data and gaining insights of individual users, different recommendation strategies can be applied in an agnostic framework, where data is pushed to different channels across owned media, paid media, and in-store. In this way, the data generated from the website and transaction data from physical stores, are used in a vast set of channels like marketing automation and websites, including internal search, paid ads and SoMe. All of which has the overall purpose of creating a consistent and personal experience.   

To create successful personalization solutions, it is essential that the algorithms can be adjusted to meet individual business logics and purposes. That is because no businesses are alike, and neither are their customers or inventory ranges.   

All customer data sources are ingested into Raptors Customer Data Platform to create a unified single customer view - and hereby taking personalization to the next level. Based on these insights, it is possible to activate customer-specific knowledge and orchestrate customized communication flows in an omnichannel set-up.   

In the following certifications, you will gain knowledge of the Raptor product range and learn more about how to create high performing personalization solutions. 

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