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Raptor's Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrates with Facebook and Instagram (Instagram uses Facebook's marketing system). From the CDP, it is possible to synchronize audiences to Facebook and Instagram for advertisement use. The audiences can also be used for look-a-like targeting.

When a person enters/leaves an Audience in Raptor's CDP, the Facebook & Instagram activation is automatically updated in real-time. 

How it works

1. Setup general information in Raptor

In Raptor you will find a template created to assist the integration setup. To create the Facebook Activation, go to “Customer Data Platform --> Activation --> Create New Activation --> Facebook / Instagram”.

Type in Name, Description and select the preferred person identifier. In Facebook this would be the Email, and click Next.

2. Facebook Information

Below, you will see an overview of the different information that needs to be added in order to use Facebook for communication. This includes: 

  • System User Token
  • AdAccountID


NB: Keep this browser page open through the whole setup. 

3. Create a "SystemUserToken"

To do this you will have to follow to two steps below.


1. Add an existing app to your "Business Manager account". 

  1. Go to "Business Settings"
  2. Click on “Accounts”
  3. Click on “Apps “
  4. Click the blue “Add” button, and “Request access to an app id”.  
  5. Insert Facebook-app-id: 874699252956047 (CDP Platform) 
  6. Click “Request app” (Contact Raptor for confirmation) 

2. Set up or establish a system user

Note: If you do not have a Conversions API System User currently set up, follow this guide to establish one. If you do, see the alternate guide below.

  1. Go to "Business Settings"
  2. Click on ”Users” 
  3. Click on ”System users” 
  4. Click on the blue button “Add”
  5. Give system user a name (Example: Conversions API System User) and System User Role (Employee)
  6. Click on ”Create system user”
  7. Now click ”Add assets” and give access to the Pages and Ad Accounts you wish to use, under their relevant headings.
  8. Click on “Generate new token”
  9. Select the app ”CDP Platform” and make sure to tick of the following: “Ads_read” and -“Ads_management”
  10. Now click ”Generate token” and copy the token and save this for later.

Note: If you have a Conversions API System User already in place, follow this guide instead to make sure it is compatible with the requirements of the Raptor Integration. Establishing two such users can cause issues with the Meta Business Suite.

  1. In the Business Settings view, navigate to System Users under the 'Users' heading.
  2. Select your Conversion API System User and check Assets assigned to it.
  3. The User will need access to the relevant Page and Ad Account that you wish to integrate Raptor's systems with. If it does not currently have such access, click the 'Add assets' button, and select the appropriate accounts under the 'Pages' and 'Ad Accounts' headers, then Save Changes.
  4. Click on 'Generate new token'
  5. Select the 'CDP Platform' app from the initial drop-down menu, then tick 'Ads_read' and 'Ads_management' in the list below.
  6. Now click on 'Generate token' and copy the resulting token to the Activations setup page, or save it for later.

Regardless of whether you established a new User or adapted an already-existing one, there is one more thing you need to do - namely, adding this user to the relevant Ad Account.

  1. In the Business Settings view, navigate to Ad Accounts under the 'Accounts' heading.
  2. From the given list, select the Ad Account you wish to use - the same one you added to the Conversion API System User in step 7/3 of the above guides.
  3. In the 'People' tab of this account, click on the 'Add People' button.
  4. Select your Conversion API System User from the list that appears in this popup, and toggle the 'Manage Ad Account' switch on the right.
  5. Click on 'Assign'. The link between all the relevant systems is now finalized.


4. Find your AdAccountId: 

In your business manager you now have to find your AdAccountId.

To find this go to 'Ad Accounts' under the Accounts-heading in Business Settings - you may already be there, if you just carried out the previous step. Select the relevant Ad Account you intend to use.

In the resulting display, 'Owned by' and 'ID' will be displayed right beneath the name. Simply click on the ID to copy it to your clipboard.



5. Add Token and Ad Account

Now you have both the "SystemUserToken" and the "AdAccountId" and you can copy/paste these into the Activation-setup in Raptor Control Panel and click "Next"




In the bottom of the page, you can now attach audiences. Click "Select audiences" in order to attach audiences to your Facebook Account. After you have chosen an "Audience" click Apply and a success message will appear on the screen. (NB: Start with one audience – you can always attach more)

Now wait 5 minutes for the sync to take place and the connection between Raptor and Facebook has been established. 

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