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Raptor's Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrates with Klaviyo. From the CDP, it is possible to synchronize audiences to Klaviyo for advertisement use. 

Setting up Klaviyo and attaching audiences from the Raptor CDP

1. In the Activations-menu, hit the ‘Create new activation’ button.


2. Select Klaviyo from the list of apps.


3. Fill in a name and select a Person Identifier from the drop-down menu. Adding a description is optional. The Person Identifier you use will largely depend on what identifier you are using in your data inputs. Click ‘Next’ to move on to the next step.


4. Fill in the Private API Key and Public API Key. These are obtained from your Klaviyo account, by going to the ‘Account’ view, then selecting Setting → API Keys.


In this view, you can view and copy your company’s Public API Key at the top, as well as see a list of Private API Keys and create more as needed.


5. A List ID from the Klaviyo account is also needed. To find this, navigate to the ‘Lists & Segments’ view using the sidebar, and select the appropriate list from the menu. For more information on how to make a list, see Klaviyo’s documentation.


Within the list, select ‘Settings’ from the top-bar – this will take you to a view where the List ID is displayed and can be copied into the Activations-process.


Once all three fields have been correctly filled out, click on ‘Next’ to proceed to the final step.

6. You may attach one or more Audiences and/or one or more Calculated Attributes to your Activation.  Simply click on ‘Select audience’ or ‘Select Calculated Attribute’ to see a full list of all established Audiences and Calculated Attributes, respectively, and check the box next to the desired entries. Selected Audiences and Attributes can be removed again by clicking on the ‘Remove’ button next to each entry. When the desired entries have been added, click ‘Save’ to finalize the Activation.


Your newly created Activation will now appear on the Activations overview, and automatically go live after a five-minute technical delay.

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