Map your Product Information to the Audience Builder

Mathias Kolind -

Use information about your products as filters when you build your audiences. This allows you to create audiences based on people who bought, visited, clicked etc. a product with a specific name, SKU number, price, description, category, brand or any information available in your product feed. 

To do this, you need to map your product feed to the interactions that you want the product information to be associated with. 

How to map a product feed to interactions 

1. Open Raptor Control Panel and go to the Audience Builder. Click the "Settings" button in the top right corner. 


2. You now see an overview of your product information schemas created in the Data Manager.

NOTE: For product information schemas to be available, your product feed must run through the Data Manager into a catalog type schema.

Click one of the product information schemas to see the available interaction schemas. Select the interactions that you want to be able to filter by product attributes. Click "Link to catalog schema" 


3. Now, your product information is available in the audience builder, when you chose one of the selected interactions. The source name is the name you gave the catalog schema in the Data Manager.


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