Two-Factor Authentication

Mathias Kolind -

As of June 2022, Raptor has strengthened security and implemented two-factor authentication when accessing the Raptor Control Panel. This applies to all users who are gaining access by email and password. 

Download an authenticator app

When you log in to the Control Panel the first time after the system has been updated with two-factor authentication, you will be asked to download an authenticator app on your phone. If you have one installed already, you can use that. 

In the setup screen that appears after you log in to the Control Panel, you will find links to two of the most common authenticator apps as well as instructions on how to get started.


Once setup, you can log in to the Control Panel. The two-factor authentication is necessary each time you log in, however, you can skip it for a week by checking the "Skip this check for one week" checkbox on the login screen next time you log in. 

Manage your account

In the menu found by clicking your name in the top right corner, you'll find "My Account". Here, you can see, if you have set up your authenticator app, you can edit your name and your title, reset your password, reset your authenticator (meaning that you will be asked to set the two-factor authentication up again next time you try to log in) and see the permissions you have been granted by the account administrator (separate tap).   


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