Product Set Campaigns - the Hands-On approach

Christian Thøgersen -

The Product Set Campaign is designed to be a more 'manual' - and rather more basic - approach to the regular Merchandising Campaign. Instead of configuring specific targeting and scheduling, picking modules and boost-leves and so on, you just select the products you want to display aaaand that's about it. If you like to keep things simple and straightforward, this is the option for you.

Using it is, thus, a rather simple matter as well.

  1. Basic Information - on the first screen, fill in a name and description.
  2. Product Search - identical to the conventional Merchandising Campaign, you can either use a basic search to pick specific products from your lineup, or employ the Advanced Search option to create a broader selection based on selected parameters. For more details about the product-search system, see How to set up a Merchandising Campaign.
  3. Summary - confirm the name and the number of selected products before you create the campaign. Only the name and description can be edited after the campaign has been started, so make sure you are happy with the product-selection.

And just like that, you've got a new campaign ready to go, and will be returned to the Product Set Campaigns overview. From here, you can deploy a campaign by selecting 'Copy ID', then heading to the Web Personalization menu via the Raptor Control Panel and pasting it into the Products from a merchandising center campaign module, found in Feature Pack 2.

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